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NYC Market Impact from COVID-19
July 01, 2020

Compared to prior years, the supply and demand of the New York City real estate market has dramatically changed, but that doesn’t mean that deals aren’t getting done. With historically low interest rates and real estate agents leveraging the existing technology to provide virtual tours, there is certainly movement in the market. As in-person showings resume, we expect that to only...

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Qualifying Leads for Agents in NYC
July 31, 2019

We’re delighted to be hosting a professional training series with Joyce Liendo on qualifying leads this week in New York City.    Joyce has dedicated nearly a decade to helping clients buy and sell condos and co-ops in New York City, quickly approaching almost 1,000 successfully rented apartments. She has extensive knowledge of the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and...

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Find Your Home in NYC
June 04, 2019

For many people in New York City, summertime means moving time. There’s a lot of demand for the apartments and homes that flood the market this time of year. Knowing what you’re looking for in your next home helps you find that dream home that much faster. Oxford agents have honed their expertise as guides to NYC neighborhoods and buildings.   “Figuring out what...

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Listings in NYC
December 26, 2017

We recently came across a forbes article that talked about why the new york city real estate market is filled with fake listings. While we understand where the author is coming from with their advice -- and indeed, we agree with a lot of it -- we were also surprised at the dour tone the writer took.   Yes, real estate in New York is a complicated and fast-moving and that’s...

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