We set out to create the real estate firm that we wished existed for clients and agents in New York City. Tired of the bureaucracy of big firms and the limited access of smaller firms, we wanted to create a vibrant, entrepreneurial firm that made clients our utmost priority and allowed agents to succeed on their own terms. Today, we’re proud that Oxford is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in New York City while expanding to Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida -- and we bet we know why.

We equip our agents with the best resources and access to everything they need to close deals, over and over again. They have the best technology and the latest software so that they can focus on what really matters: their clients. Today, we have over 500 real estate agents and are growing every day, thanks in part to all of the incredible press our deals receive. From the sale and rental of studios to the purchase of commercial spaces, our agents do it all.

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Adam Mahfouda

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and CEO of Oxford Property Group Adam Mahfouda set out to create the real estate company he wished existed. With a background in residential rentals and sales, he knew that finding a new home could be frustrating for clients and how to make it better. Over 3,000 transactions and 500 agents later, Oxford Property Group has grown into the place that Adam always wanted to be, providing an essential service that's the best in NYC.


Greg Harden

Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Greg Harden, co-founder and CFO of Oxford Property Group has a background in management consulting which gave him an inside view of how to build a company that was as easy to work with as it is efficient. With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Greg put the best practices that he had cultivated to build a real estate firm that would thrive in a changing market.


Jules Borbely

Vice President

Vice President Jules Borbely focuses on creating a nimble and entrepreneurial environment at Oxford Property Group. Having overseen a portfolio of 200+ agents at a previous firm, Jules coaches Oxford agents on providing an excellent experience for each client. His industry experience has driven Jules to place an emphasis on providing a high degree of professionalism and service, which continues to resonate with agents and clients.


Oded Hecht

Director of Global Strategy

Oded Hecht joined Oxford Property Group as Director of Global Strategy in 2016. Having built an exclusive boutique real estate firm into a thriving company with over 120 agents, Oded wanted to ensure that his agents were able to access the technology and talent that Oxford had cultivated. At Oxford, Oded mentors agents and manages the rental division of the company. Both pursuits enable Oded to pursue the standards in excellence that he instituted at his prior firm.


Molly Bowman

Director of Operations

Molly Bowman came onboard the Oxford Property Group team as Director of Operations in 2015. Having worked at a real estate technology start-up prior to joining Oxford, Molly developed a keen insight on how to keep a real estate firm coordinated and thriving. With a passion for systemic organization, Molly has optimized the Oxford systems to run flawlessly and continues to refine them over time.


Matt Ziegler

Director of Recruiting

Director of Recruiting Matt Ziegler is the point-person for all new Oxford Property Group agents. Matt introduces new agents to our unique, entrepreneurial culture and helps them adapt to the systems that have been built to help them thrive. Matt’s dedication to guiding new agents at Oxford makes him a trusted mentor and a friendly face who all of the agents know.