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Thousands of Listings

All listings are guaranteed to be accurate. That means less hassle and more real options.

Broker Matching

There are over 500 Agents at Oxford. We’ll match you with the one who understands your preferred neighborhoods, price-range, and needs the best.


Real estate always means a lot of paper work. We’ve made it easy to access what you need online, so you can sign a lease and get ready to move.

Thousands of Listings

Oxford's residential and commercial space rental & leasing availabilities in NYC are updated in real-time -- so you get the best information, fast.

We've streamlined the process of finding the perfect spot for your new home -- if it's residential, commercial office space or commercial office space leasing in NYC, we've got you covered.

At Oxford, we know you want to spend less time looking for your new commercial office space rental or residential home, so we've built our listing software to make it as easy as possible to find your new home in NYC.

Broker Matching

Everyone is different. Whether you're looking for a sleek studio in a residential neighborhood in NYC or want to lease commercial office space in SoHo, we're ready to get you there.

Oxford's proprietary Broker Matching leverages technology to build partnerships between people in NYC -- so finding a residential or commercial office space rental is not only simple, it's fun. We've gotten rave reviews from Oxford clients who have found their new commercial office space rentals in NYC while making friends along the way.

We've built a state-of-the-art system to match you with an experienced Oxford agent, with a deep knowledge base of the NYC neighborhoods you want to see. Oxford's residential and commercial leasing experts are here to find you exactly what you want. Let's get you there!