June 04, 2019

Find Your Home in NYC

For many people in New York City, summertime means moving time. There’s a lot of demand for the apartments and homes that flood the market this time of year. Knowing what you’re looking for in your next home helps you find that dream home that much faster. Oxford agents have honed their expertise as guides to NYC neighborhoods and buildings.


“Figuring out what are the non-negotiables in your next home is one of the most important things that anyone can do,” Adam Mahfouda, CEO and co-founder of Oxford said of starting the search for a new home.


New York City is notorious for having it all, but many times not in one apartment. From new construction to charming brownstones or steps to transportation, deciding what is most important to you lets agents at Oxford then work on finding that perfect spot for you.


After deciding the must-haves, it’s important to analyze your finances to decide what would work best for you: roommates or getting a place on your own; buying a place or leasing for a few more years. If this part seems overwhelming, don’t worry -- Oxford agents specialize in walking through the financial steps that need to be taken to find a new home.


They’re prepared to go through your monthly budget and see what would make the most sense for you, while coming up with creative ideas to make things work.


“There are programs available for renters that allow them to pay a small monthly fee instead of a huge security deposit up-front. Oxford has partnered with firms that offer this service, so we can help you get the place you’ve dreamed of living in,” Adam added.


Forgoing a substantial security deposit is one way Oxford agents can help you close on your new apartment. But after you’ve found the right place and are ready to move in, there will still be questions that come up and Oxford agents can connect you to the right companies when you need other assistance.


“Oxford is a real estate firm, but what we provide to our clients is more like a concierge service,” Adam said.


“From getting your furniture assembled to your dog walked, we have built relationships throughout New York City with different contractors and businesses that are trusted and reliable, making it that much easier for you to get settled into your new home,” Adam added.


Ready to start looking for your new place? So are we. Give us a call today or stop in to say hello and we’ll be able to have an initial consult with you. We can connect you with the real estate agent who's an expert in the neighborhood you want to live in and who may even have heard about listings that haven’t been posted yet.


We’re looking forward to helping you find your new home in New York City and being with you every step of the way. Whether you're renting or buying, we’re ready to help you find your perfect place in New York City. Let’s do this!