March 05, 2017

Tailored in NYC

If the suit makes the man, then getting a custom fit becomes that much more imperative. In today’s world, where first impressions are critical, standing out by being perfectly dressed is one of the best ways to get noticed.


Alan David Custom in New York City has been cultivating a loyal following of clothier connoisseurs since 1926, when the firm was founded. Now in its fourth generation, Alan David Horowitz of the storied atelier is sharing what sets their suits apart.


“My theory has been that if you’re going to buy a suit off the rack from a higher end store, like Brooks Brothers or Barney’s, why not just buy a custom suit? After all the alterations are made on the off the rack suit, it will end up costing about the same as a custom suit, but you’ll have had the opportunity to make sure it’s everything you wanted,” Horowitz said.


With every customization available on suits and shirts, from cloth to fit, or how many buttons are used and what kind of venting is sculpted into the fabric, the choices can seem overwhelming.


But that’s where partnering with an expert firm pays off; by working in tandem with someone like Horowitz and his team, each client is escorted through the wide variety of options with the end result being exactly what they wanted.


“Every year, the suits are getting slimmer and slimmer,” Horowitz noted of the changing trends in suits.


With a more refined silhouette being one of the most desired looks in menswear, customization can ensure that a slim suit looks elegant instead of ill-fitting.


When looking for the an atelier to work with for crafting your clothes, Horowitz has a few words of advice.


“Make sure that they are using full canvas construction -- it’s going to get you a better fitting suit every time,” he said.


Instead of “made to measure” always get a bespoke suit and it will wear better and longer.


Also, keep an eye out to see how experienced the people are in the shop; according to Horowitz it takes many years to hone the tailoring craft. When less experienced people take the measurements, it can result in a less-than-perfect fit.


With each garment meticulously crafted in the New York City shop and using full canvas construction to ensure the highest quality, everything that comes from Alan David Custom is guaranteed for life. So even as time passes and body shapes may change, each and every piece from Alan David Custom can be transformed to fit you perfectly.


Located at 16 East 40th Street in Manhattan, you can book an appointment online to transform your wardrobe with bespoke suits, shirts and more. Your new, perfectly tailored garments will be ready in 14 days to 4 weeks and you’ll be dressed to the nines. See you in your new suit!