April 10, 2020

Meet Oxford agent Sanela Repass!

After moving to New York City from Serbia and saving to purchase her first home, Sanela Repass experienced the excitement of the real estate market when she closed on her first studio apartment in a midtown co-op back in 2007. Going through the process of purchasing real estate made Sanela understand how dynamic the industry can be and solidified her decision to pursue it as her career.

In 2011 she made the transition into real estate and joined a boutique real estate firm. After researching every real estate company in New York City, Sanela eventually decided to move to Oxford and has been thriving since.

Sanela was looking for a firm that would offer support and knowledge with the freedom and flexibility of running her own business. She’s found that perfect match at Oxford, where she loves the ability to run her business wherever she is through the firm’s technology platforms. Oxford’s commitment to always evolving by incorporating new ideas and developing its platform to incorporate all the latest trends was very appealing to Sanela who values how efficient the firm has become and how efficient she gets to be because of it.

Working primarily in sales throughout New York City, Sanela travels uptown and downtown for those clients, though occasionally she ends up in her old stomping grounds of FiDi where she’s developed a loyal clientele through her rentals. 


Having been in real estate for over a decade, Sanela urges new agents to view their new career as exactly that—a career—and to take it seriously and set working hours for themselves. It’s easy to slack off she noted, and that can have a hugely detrimental impact on a career trajectory. In the same vein, she encourages anyone new to the industry to seek out mentors and coaches to help learn as much as possible and to get help in figuring out challenges.

When not working in real estate, Sanela enjoys staying active through sports including skiing, snowboarding, and martial arts. But, with real estate being such a fast-moving industry, she tends to make it her top priority. We’re thrilled to have Sanela aboard at Oxford and know that she has an incredibly bright future!