February 10, 2020

Meet Oxford agent Nika Kulieva!

After moving to New York City 15 years ago, Nika Kulieva found herself becoming interested in the real estate market. After learning more and getting to know New York City better, she decided to pursue her real estate license.

Two years ago, she took the leap and hasn’t looked back. Living in Brooklyn and focusing on residential leasing and sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn has brought Nika tremendous personal satisfaction.

“It is wonderful to see someone enjoy their new home,” she said.

Nika recently joined Oxford after searching for a firm that offered a more competitive commission split. 

“I felt like I was doing so much work to give away so much money at a more traditional firm,” Nika said.

But moving to Oxford has been a great fit for her, where Nika finds both the support and flexibility that she was looking for in a brokerage.

Nika has flourished at Oxford and credits the culture and freedom that the firm offers. Having joined Oxford’s lead generation program, OpCity, Nika has seen her business dramatically increase. 

OpCity has given Nika the ability to focus on her clients while leads and referrals continue to be generated. With a warm lead to follow up on via notification on her phone, Nika can devout her attention to her clients, rather than making cold calls or sending out mailing to potential customers. 

Nika has seen her network increase since she started using the OpCity platform. Recently, she closed a rental deal with a client through the program for an apartment in SoHo that was listed for rent at $12,500/month. Advocating on behalf of her client, Nika was able to get the rent reduced to $10,000/month and has built a strong relationship with her client along the way.

For real estate agents just getting started, Nika encourages them to play to their strengths and find what works for them -- it will be different for everyone.

When not working on closing a deal, Nika enjoys yoga and staying active, essential in a city with so many staircases! 

We’re delighted that Nika has joined Oxford and know that a very bright future awaits.