June 09, 2020

Meet Oxford agent John Murphy!

Born and raised in New York City, John Murphy launched his real estate career 21 years ago. After making his mark in the theatrical world as an actor where he performed on stage and screen, John decided to transition into real estate so he could still have a flexible schedule but create greater financial stability for himself and his family.

John has carved out a niche in the residential market and loves to be able to help people find the home they’ve been looking for in New York City. He’s found that although the market has shifted with COVID-19, there are still people who are looking for new homes. John has worked with those renters and buyers by leveraging virtual tools to give tours and close deals.

John noted that for new agents, the beginning can be challenging. There is an initial learning curve but that patience will pay off as you build relationships and develop an understanding of the market and neighborhoods. Although the income for a real estate agent in their first year might be on the lower side, John noted that it will rise for agents as they build a career.

These days, John is learning about the technology that Oxford offers as he recently joined the firm. He’s been enjoying the process of getting to know the management and support staff at Oxford and we’re delighted that he’s part of the team. We know that as an associate broker and with his dynamic approach to real estate, he has an incredible future!