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80/20 Affordable Housing In NYC
June 13, 2013

  In continuing our series on How To Find An Affordable Apartment In NYC, we will share how you can get a fabulous apartment in some of the city's hottest new buildings for a fraction of market rent.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it's not.  Under New York City's 80/20 Program, the government grants real estate developers tax exempt financing for building multifamily...

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How To Find An Affordable Apartment In NYC
March 05, 2013

How To Find An Affordable Apartment In NY C      In a city infamous for high rents, finding a great deal on an apartment may be as elusive as finding a pearl inside an oyster. But there are some great deals out there IF you know where to look. Over the next few weeks we will share tips on how to uncover them in our series How To Find an Affordable Apartment in...

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