July 09, 2019

Trainings at Oxford for Agents

At Oxford, our agents are committed to providing the best service to all of our clients who are searching for their new homes in New York City. That’s why we recently held an intensive, company-wide training program led by Al Fassio, a partner at Capuder, Fassio, Giacoia LLP, a law firm in New York City.


With a specialty in real estate and fair housing, Al is uniquely positioned to provide the most up-to-date information regarding the evolving housing laws in New York City. Serving as the general counsel for several organizations for real estate agents, Al was able to relate to Oxford agents to convey timely information that they need.


Real estate agents in working in New York City need to know the housing laws on a federal, state and citywide level, both to best advocate on behalf of their clients and to stay compliant in all of their transactions. Oxford hosted the training last week in our Manhattan office and invited every Oxford agent to participate. With over 500 agents at Oxford, the office was packed and we were able to convey vital information to our agents.


“Staying current on the real estate laws in New York City is critical for every agent, that’s why we offer trainings at Oxford,” Adam Mahfouda, co-founder and CEO of Oxford said.


“Between federal, state and city laws, there is a lot of information that agents need to know and we want to be sure that they have access to it so they can provide the best service possible,” he added.


The session lasted about two hours and was well-received by the agents at Oxford. Covering everything from new laws passed in New York City to information on vouchers and what kind of language should be used or avoided in listings, agents left the training better equipped than ever to provide excellent service.


“It’s critical that agents not only feel supported, but that we invest in giving them the tools to succeed,” Adam said.


“Our agents know that we’ll get them the information that they need to know. The agents enjoy getting paid the 100% commission that they earn with each deal, but maybe even more than that, they seem to really appreciate the support that we offer, like these trainings, so they can focus on their deals,” Adam continued.


At Oxford, it’s a priority to simplify an agent’s business by providing the latest tech, tools and trainings so they can focus on their clients. As a result, more and more agents are joining the firm, where they’re empowered to provide excellent service to their clients. 


When you’re ready to buy, sell or lease, the agents at Oxford are ready to help. With experts in every neighborhood and price point, our agents strive to always deliver the best service possible to each and every client. We’d love to have an initial consultation with you today to see how we can be of service and find just what you’re looking for in New York City. We’re looking forward to talking with you soon!